How to Save Money On Petrol

Fuel tips to increase mileage and save money. Biggest tips to Increasing gas mileage are to drive less and drive more efficiently.

There are several gas saving suggestions to reduce fuel costs at the pumps. Gas prices are turbulent in the UK, and families need solid advice to increase gas mileage to save money.

Drive Less Save More

The most successful way to improve fuel mileage is to drive less, according to my brother who owns a limo hire company in Leeds. Driving less takes some planning but it will save money at the gas pumps. Each week, list all the errands for the family. After all errands are listed decide on one day to do the errands instead of quick runs to the grocery stores that add to the fuel budget. Next, decide on the shortest route to complete all the errands.

Another strategy to drive less is to walk or bike more. For quick errands to the grocery store, take a walk. Often the walk will dictate if the item is truly needed. By declining the walk, the family saves on the gas budget and the food budget. Another choice is to buy from the convenience store, as the increased cost of convenience may still be less than driving to the nearby store.

As well, drive less by carpooling for business and pleasure. In many major cities, cars with more than one person have designated lanes that are often less busy than the regular lanes. Carpooling reduces costs as the costs are shared between 2 or more people. In addition, travel time to work and home is reduced because congestion is often less.

Increasing Gas Mileage

The best advice to increase gas mileage is to drive efficiently. Good driving skills are a must if gas mileage is to improve. First, do not let the car idle for more than 10 seconds. Turn off the car when waiting for a friend or at the convenience store. Idling for about 10 minutes uses approximately the same amount of gas as traveling 5 miles. Idling seems harmless as it is in short bouts of time but those seconds add up quickly and each second of idling costs money at the pumps.

Second, go the speed limit for safety and to save money at the gas pumps. Using cruise control on the highway will reduce gas consumption as the speed is stable. It is the stop and go that uses the most gas. For instance the popular jack rabbit starts are big fuel consumers. As well, the abrupt braking uses a considerable amount of gas. It is the

Saving More Money at the Gas Pump:
Third, gas mileage is improved by maintaining the car. Checking tire pressure is a must and should be checked periodically throughout the year. Underflated tires do cost more as they use more fuel than a car with proper tire pressure. As well, do the recommended maintenance checks to keep the car working efficiently.
Driving less and driving more efficiently are simple solutions to reduce fuel consumption. Gas prices are constantly fluctuating and it is important for families to implement strategies to continually save money at the gas pumps.