How to Optimize an Ecommerce Website

Some great tips on how to optimize your e-commerce website for better visitor conversions from digital marketing services provider, Gary McArthur.

Step 1
Many of the problems that retail sites face is getting the sales. Some sites may draw impressive traffic but unable to make any or satisfactory sales. In order to optimize conversion on a retail site, one must pay attention to the following;

Step 2
Try to pay attention to the website navigation and mapping. The site visitors must be able to navigate through the website easily and find what they are looking for. Provide the site visitors with easy to read headings and subheadings. Also, try to use bold whenever necessary along with category headings.

Step 3
Create a separate page for every product and give each page a unique look. Now, this may sound more work trying to customize each page. But hey, if you are able to cash in some extra sales, then its worth it.

Step 4
Taking opinions from visitors will help your site to be made better. Ask your visitors to leave comments about what they feel about the website.

Step 5
Use alt tags as much as possible. Alt tags are commonly used in HTML and XHTML documents. They are used to specify an alternative text for an image or a specific area. This gives more description about the image or an area when the visitor points to the image or when the image is not showing.

Step 6
The checkout process must be easy.If a visitor has to go through pages of providing
information, then this would discourage them from visiting the site again. Basically, the visitors must provide their name, address, billing and shipping information and then a checkout. Also, provide all hidden costs as well as shipping cost before the end of the check out process. There should be no surprises to the visitors.

Step 7
Use footer links like they have on this site to get more internal links. Footer links provide users with the information that they are looking for.