How To Clean Leather Couches

Buying a leather couch is a great investment depending on who you are. It can certainly enrich the décor of the room if the leather is cleaned and the couch is properly maintained by its owners. There are many grades of leather couches (I know this because I found out when I went shopping last month for a cheap leather bed) which corresponds with the type of leather used to upholster the couch. On the very top end are aniline leather couches. These are super luxurious but difficult to clean and keep stain free. This is because in order to preserve its natural softness and colors, it needs to be left unprotected. Obviously, the downside is that you need to be careful in not dirtying this type of leather couch.

More often, leather couches are made of protected aniline leather. This type of aniline leather has added an upper layer of pigment to preserve the color and another clear coat to seal it. The bonus with this type of leather couch is that it is easy to clean and suitable to the daily wear of family life. However, what you give up in convenience of leather cleaning is that it does not feel as soft and buttery as aniline leather. It also does not look the same as this type of couch has a flat sheen to it.

When you want to clean your couch and you have identified whether it is an aniline couch or a protected aniline couch, there are different types of leather cleaners to use. As stated, protected aniline couches are easier to clean as there is already a protective coating on it that seals the leather so it doesn’t absorb water and stains. It might get dull after a washing with a damp cloth but you can always use a leather conditioner and leather buffer to get its shine back. For unprotected leather, if you don’t have a bottle of professional leather cleaner at home, then the next best thing is just a dry cloth. Do not use a wet cloth as that might worsen the situation with an additional water stain mark. Also, do not use soaps as again, that can leave a stain and it also would not match the natural pH of the leather. It is best to try to blot and lift any spillage with a dry cloth as soon as possible. The best solution to cleaning leather would just be to avoid messing it up all together. You can do this by using a leather couch protection when the couch is first delivered to your premise. That way, you don’t have to deal with the headache of cleaning leather couches.