How Can a Home Extension Add Value to Your Property?

Are you hoping to invest in your home for the future or are you hoping to add more space to your home? You can accomplish both of these goals by adding a home extension to it, which is a popular choice among many homeowners in the UK who wish to remain in the current home permanently, but need more space, or if the they plan to sell eventually in the future and can make small investments over time to add value to their property so that when they do eventually sell their property, they can get a maximum return value on it.

There are a few different commonplace home extension choices that UK homeowners add to their home, which are highlighted below.

Loft Conversions – Loft conversions are among the simplest home extension investments one can make. These conversions are made relatively quickly in a reasonably cost-effective manner, while it typically won’t cause any significant disruptions in your home’s current living space. However, it may be necessary to acquire planning permission if your project presents complications. Seeking a qualified building contractor to assist you with performing a loft conversion that’s complicated will likely be the most cost-effective choice in the end if you decide to proceed with the conversion.


Photo attribution: Loft conversions Leamington Spa

Observing local home values in your area that have as many bedrooms as you will have when the conversion is complete will help you estimate the value that can potentially be added to your home if you perform a loft conversion.

Basement Conversion – Note that basement conversions aren’t always a worthwhile investment. It’s best to consult a professional to decide if a basement conversion is a wise investment to make from a property value and construction cost standpoint.

Room Extension – Extending any room in your home is helpful with creating more space when necessary. However, to add the most value to your home, extending your kitchen is the wisest investment option. The average return for adding a kitchen extension if as much as 49 percent! Adding an extra bathroom adds a 48 percent return investment value to your home. However, it can be more time consuming and complicated to perform this task.

Conservatory- A conservatory provides additional living space in your home and can be an excellent investment option if you don’t have any qualms about reducing the size of your yard or garden. You do not require planning permission for a conservatory, as opposed to when you build a home extension. This investment return can be as much as 108 percent!

Orangery – Orangeries were originally built for the purpose of growing citrus trees (oranges), which was achieved by crafting the room with a glass roof, providing the ideal amount of light and heat for these plants to grow, much like a greenhouse. The orangery is a warmer room that facilitates better growth of plants that thrive on heat. Orangeries, like conservatories don’t typically require planning permission, but it never hurts to ask, especially if you’re in doubt. An orangery, on average, adds as much as 15 percent to the value of your home!