Convert Your House into Flats To Triple Your Rental Income

Mr Sam Karahan, the design department team leader of Urbanist Architecture Ltd, explained how homeowners in London can triple the value of their properties by flat conversions in London.

We found the chance to have an interview with Mr Sam Karahan who helps homeowners and property developers get planning permission, and design and build their properties. Mr Sam Karahan revealed the secrets of one of the most popular property investment strategies in London and also made landlords aware of the planning permission procedure.

“You can convert your house into several self-contained flats. Think about adding an extension before sub-dividing your property which will in return help you add more bedrooms and more flats.” says Mr Sam Karahan of Urbanist Architecture Ltd. “Renovate the bathrooms and kitchen as updated bathroom and kitchen are always attractive to tenants.

Flat conversion is an area that many investors overlook however if done successfully, it will not only boost your rental income but also will add tremendous value to your home. There is one important question landlords should ask themselves before they convert their property. And it’s this: “How can I get planning permission to sub-divide my home?”

Planning permission is required for the conversion or change of use of a single dwelling house into two or more separate flats or maisonettes. The purpose of this planning control standard is to set down minimum standards for flat conversions.

Getting planning permission is not rocket science.” Urbanist Architecture Ltd’s design leader told to us.” He added: “Your council will assess the size and type of your dwelling and the effect of the conversion on adjoining properties and on the character of your local area. Your council will be mindful of the design, layout and internal space standards of the new flats. So your flat conversion architect needs to make sure your project satisfies these requirements.”

Mr Sam Karahan: “We had the chance to review 219 planning applications in London and found out that the common reasons for refusal are parking, residential amenity, quality of accommodation, loss of family unit and lack of mixture of tenure. I believe parking and impact on highways will remain the most significant criteria for London councils.”

If you are looking to achieve as many flats as possible from your project to maximise your rent without worrying about being rejected by your council, you can contact Urbanist Architecture Ltd on 0203 793 78 78.

Mr Sam Karahan and his team of highly qualified architects and flat conversion specialists provide services to help landlords design their new flats to match their personal requirements and budget, prepare their planning drawings for planning permission approval and obtain competitive quotes from builders on their behalf.