Charter a Yacht In the Caribbean

Here is a list of the 10 best Caribbean beaches to visit when on a Caribbean yacht charter vacation.

1  Flamenco Beach – Culebra – Spanish Virgin Islands

Seeing is believing!  You look at the photographs of this beach and you assume that filters have been used on the camera to enhance the bright blue crystal clear sea & blue skies against the white sand, but no, that’s exactly how it is, beautiful!

2  Loblolly Beach – Anegada – British Virgin Islands

Anegada has the nickname the drowned island, it’s a coral atoll surrounded by turquoise blue seas.  You can walk for miles and miles along this deserted north facing white sandy shoreline, not seeing another person, just you and the ocean.  If you’re lucky you may see the odd flamingo stretching its wings from the salt pond, or the odd cow taking a stroll down the beach.  There’s no place like it.

3  Dog Island – Anguilla

This small island is a coral atoll lying off Anguilla within the marine park.  The majority of tourists visit the neighboring Prickly Pear Island, also within the marine park, but with tiny bars and restaurants, leaving the true nature lovers to explore Dog Island on their own.  This tiny island is blessed with fine white sand and crystal clear waters .

4  Spring Bay – Virgin Gorda – British Virgin Islands

This lovely beach neighbors the famous Baths on Virgin Gorda.  It has the same attractions of huge granite boulders that you can walk and swim amongst, set on a white sandy beach with stunning blue sea, and no crowds!

5  Cocoa Beach – Barbuda

Another coral atoll lies north of Antigua this time in the form of Barbuda.  Visit its southwest shoreline called Cocoa Beach and enjoy beachcombing on these deserted white shores with turquoise waters.  Visit during the summer months and you can stop by the Codrington Lagoon where the frigate birds will be nesting.

6  Macaroni Beach – Mustique

This wild east facing white sandy beach is idyllic.  Rent a Mule (golf cart) and explore Mustique, taking a picnic with you to enjoy on Macaroni Beach.

7  Baradel – Tobago Cays – St Vincent & The Grenadines

Baradel is one of several islands which make up the beautiful Tobago Cays.  This beach is known locally as Turtle beach.  Swimming around this beach you’re sure to be swimming amongst turtles.

8  Maho Beach – Canouan – St Vincent & The Grenadines

This north facing undeveloped beach is wild and beautiful.  Enjoy a stroll along this white sandy shoreline.

9   Shell Beach – St Barths

The only beach in St Barths which is covered with tiny shells as well as beautiful white sand.  There’s a great bar on the beach called Do Brazil and you can rent a comfortable lounger from them and enjoy waitress service for drinks on this beautiful beach.

10 Mopion – St Vincent & The Grenadines

This island is so tiny it’s like a sand bar in the ocean, except that it has one sunshade made from wood with a palm roof and attached to this is the all important bottle opener, so bring along a bottle of beer and chillax.