DIY Auto Repair: What Can I Do at Home

Not all DIY auto mechanics can do every repair at home. We will outline the levels of experience and what he or she can do at home. Do-it-yourself auto repair—simply called DIY auto repair—is when a vehicle owner performs his or her own auto repair and auto maintenance. There are literally thousands of components on […]

How to Optimize an Ecommerce Website

Some great tips on how to optimize your e-commerce website for better visitor conversions from digital marketing services provider, Gary McArthur. Step 1 Many of the problems that retail sites face is getting the sales. Some sites may draw impressive traffic but unable to make any or satisfactory sales. In order to optimize conversion on […]

Charter a Yacht In the Caribbean

Here is a list of the 10 best Caribbean beaches to visit when on a Caribbean yacht charter vacation. 1  Flamenco Beach – Culebra – Spanish Virgin Islands Seeing is believing!  You look at the photographs of this beach and you assume that filters have been used on the camera to enhance the bright blue crystal clear […]